Anvil – Pounding The Pavement


The Canadian group Anvil have been… pounding since the early ‘80s, and recently they released their 17th album “Pounding The Pavement”. Anvil keep going and record in the same spirit and style after all the difficulties they faced and despite the lack of success. “Pounding The Pavement” is another classic example of Anvil music just as we are accustomed to, without any surprises. Classic, very good drums by Reiner, classic vocals, riffs and solos by Lips (still playing with his dildos…) and classic compositions in the familiar Anvil style.  “Pounding The Pavement” is an excellent album with very good tracks and we will have to look very carefully to find any weak tracks. One of the songs I didn’t enjoy though was “Smash Your Face”. The rest of the album is very strong and it’s highly recommended. Anvil is anvil and the result is guaranteed.