Next album by Canadian metal legends Anvil is going to be released supported by the fans

through PledgeMusic. Those who will support the band by pre-ordering the new album aptly titled “Anvil Is Anvil” will have the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite band, access exclusive content and be a part of something that fans would not normally have access to.

With every pre-order, pledgers will get the AccessPass which will give them exclusive looks at behind the scenes videos, photos and messages from the band. Fans will also have several once in a lifetime opportunities to purchase:
* In-person or Skype drum lesson with Robb Reiner
* In-person or Skype guitar lesson with Lips
* Guest back-up vocal appearance on the new record
* One of Lips’s amps
* The opportunity to attend a live rehearsal
* A day in the studio with the band
* Signed limited edition CD with bonus tracks
* Signed drum head
* Exclusive Pledger T-shirt
* AMPU (Anvil Metal Pounders Union) deluxe lifetime membership and signed CD
* Signed set list
* Signed drumsticks
* Handwritten lyric sheets
To pledge, please visit