Arena – Rapture

The five Brit musicians piece of Arena has visited Poland in 2011 and the show you are about to see was filmed on Nov 10 in Katowice. There is also an interview inside the DVD, where they admit that the six-year gap between studio albums “Pepper’s Ghost” and “The Seventh Degree Of Separation” was actually refreshing for the band, made them return stronger and more.

Twenty one songs and two hours of music entertainment is what Arena are offering here. The show is a true ear/eye candy for the fans of good music. Most peeps would characterize the blend as Prog, however it would be such a shame to put a tag and move on with it… Musicians of that caliber don’t need that… Apart from the fact they’re playing like a symphonic orchestra, they look so cool on stage that one would think they play the easiest stuff in the world. The venue they played at is indeed marvelous, it’s such a warm theater, with an amazing stage! At some point I thought I was listening to Pink Floyd, at some point I thought I was listening to the GREat bands of now and tomorrow, at some point I thought I heard Steven Wilson shouting “Bravo!” from the seat next to me… The feeling is overwhelming, the sound is divine, the technique is supreme… We need more? No more!

The DVD package includes the show, the Clive Nolan and Mick Pointer interview (Pointer is the original Marillion drummer), twenty minutes off a live show in Warsaw (bootleg), full discography and photos, plus some beautiful desktop themes for your puter.

It’s a true medicine for everyone in love with GOOD Live shows, for all of us feeling “like children” every time we get to listen to such fabulous melodies. Paul Manzi is an AWESOME singer, his voice is so thrilling! I really loved it when he splashed that Ian Gillan-ish “Fantastic!”, whilst thanking the audience. Fantastic, gents!