Man, I would love to have Roy Khan listening to this album along with me. ‘Cuz Nicholas Leptos, lead singer of the band surely is a student that could make the master so proud… Nicholas’ voice is the one thing that makes the album so special. The “other” thing is the songs of the bouquet as well as the way they are portrayed. Songs are epically set, featuring numerous Egyptian elements and rough/tough guitar thunders, supported by very interesting verses and tremendous choruses, filled with amazing backvox.

The brand new album for the band from Cyprus is here to certify their constant rising, the fact that their songs are directly pointing to their inspiration and that the boys have every right to be over-demanding concerning their future. Power Metal elements, lyrical themes, melodic forms and even operatic and choirish spots. Like on “Katherine of Aragon”, where frenzy meets up with bittersweet. Mighty chorus, you might wanna hold on to it, although there is a dozen of those scattered in the album.

Last year Arrayan Path were nominated for Impala’s European Independent Album of the year Award; it was actually the only Metal band out of the twenty competing. I should also mention that THE Bruce Dickinson had played their “Terra Incognita” album over his radio show, stating that “this is a band worth checking out”!

Now playing: “77 days ‘til Doomsday” and the verdict is simple… Amazing riff, perfect double bass drumming, Eastern melodies and it’s open season! Classically Maidenish, featuring Pirate outbursts… Killer song!
Ex Black Sabbath singer and a truly magnificent voice, Tony Martin, is also participating as well as Vagelis Maranis (ex Sanvoisen), the man behind the mixing & mastering of the album.