Art Nation – Revolution


What we have here is yet another band from Gothenburg called Art Nation that plays a melodic hard style of music that’s so popular nowadays in Scandinavia. The difference this time around with this up and coming sextet is that they seem determent to make it big and they actually manage to stand out from the bunch as they deliver an outstanding debut record that bigger bands of the genre would envy. And not only this, but “Revolution” bears all these wonderful elements that a great hard rock album should have: excellent musicianship, flawless performance, technical capability and above all up tempo, catchy tunes that stick permanently in your mind!

The album’s overall atmosphere is quite similar to the one of the last couple of records by Eclipse and of H.E.A.T. All in all, Art Nation provides the ideal musical foundation for a brilliant hard rock party and all you have to do is check them out! The outstanding songs “3000 Beats” and “Start A Fire” paint a quite accurate picture…what are you waiting for?
Highlight: The mix of the album took place in the famous Hansen Studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen.