Arthur Brown with Rik Patten – Long Long Road


For an artist in his 80s an eight-year absence from discography should not considered a long one, should it? “Long Long Road” with the collaboration of Rik Patten could be considered a sequel to “The Magic Hat” (2012) although “Zim Zam Zim”, under the name Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, followed next year.

His latest work doesn’t present anything different, or new from what we have heard for over half a century now from the legendary musician and performer. Arthur Brown’s atmospheric and at the same time theatrical psychedelic rock is so well crafted and performed on this record that it really could be a classic album of his most creative era. Songs like “I Like Games”, “Shining Brightness” as well as the two-part “Once I Had Illusions”, give “Long Long Road” every right to be heard today as easily as it would have been heard decades ago but and with the same ease that something much more modern sounds.

We are truly fortunate to hold in our hands releases like this from artists whose influence is engraved on legendary performers, first and foremost Alice Cooper. “Long Long Road” is an excellent release that will satisfy many of those missing this sound and mostly great and influential artists whose path has been ignored by most for years. And yes, Arthur Brown keeps moving taking us for a ride in his “crazy world”, let’s hope he doesn’t stop yet.