Facing Your Enemy At Vance
Facing Your Enemy
AFM Records


This return by the Germans guarantees a song package which will be loved by Malmsteen fans, Rainbow fans (last period), AOR fans (sure, why not?) and people into mighty Hard Rock. Introductions are being done since song no 1 and I’m already listening to “Fear no evil” and I have already fallen in love with all previous songs… I’ve written about this band that they can play almost everything, they’ve proven that so many times, especially with their extraordinary works on classical music themes. Naturally they rule the “Gimme more pain” mid-tempo Heavy Rock fields, having Rick Altzi behind the microphone. This is one amazing singer, his larynx possesses the ultimate colour for such “sorts” of music and his abilities are limitless. Listen to him the way he’s rough voxing over “Live & learn”… This is one complete singer, my friends! With At Vance, with Thunderstone, with everybody else… DA voice!

I’m afraid I’m gonna have to take you to the badlands now. There is no mentioning about this album over the official AFM Records website, nothing but the album title, the cover and release date. Band bio stops at “Ride the sky”, almost three years ago. I also stopped by the band’s official webpage, nothing there either. Visited their myspace page and FB page, too. Nothing at all! Things are hard in music industry as it is now, considering nobody is adding a word about new releases, albums will come out and their “creators” will be the only peeps knowing about it… (Ed, this review was written in late March)

I’d better return to the album, there are only good things there to mention. “See me crying” is up next. WhiteSnake are making out with the Swedish wizard again… Altzi is a bit Coverdale-ish here, he probably gave Jorn Lande a phone call, yet he’s driving us all bananas when using those high freqs on the bridge. How about a trip to “Tokyo”? This is one magical song! This is Journey today, this is the hit that’s been waiting for twenty years to take over mainstream media. You just have to listen to this one!

You know that the boys in At Vance are all exceptional musicians. Yet, I can not resist about writing a few things about Olaf Lenk again… Truly a super-guitarist! What an awesome musician!


At Vance