Audrey Horne – Youngblood


Scandinavian death metal bands members form a band that plays rock’n’roll… if they were the first we’d talk about something extraordinary, but they are not. Little does this matter though because this is the band’s fourth album and has managed to make it presence back home in Norway noteworthy with a continuous upward course on the local charts, whatever that means nowadays…

As it is accustomed in releases of this kind the levels of energy are high and adrenaline reaches the roof, while thankfully the songs are pretty good so that you won’t stay on the first spin and you will appreciate this CD further. Unlike the character with the same name from the almost cult TV series “Twin Peaks” from which their name came from, there is nothing mysterious or enigmatic in Audrey Horne’s music. Like original sons of the Great Scandinavian School Of Rock (G.S.S.O.R. – it was about time we made our on acronym about something damn it!) they filter the ‘70s classics through new ideas, avoiding the “retro” label, and wining the audience with “Youngblood” amazing flow and atmosphere.
Listen to “Redemption Blues” and watch the video below, “Youngblood”, and the dark “The Open Sea” to get an idea what they are all about. Compliments to the Bergen boys!