Autograph – Get Your Ass Off


Surprisingly, I can see that these old cats exist and even record a new album. Californians Autograph, with two original members in their lineup, released in 2017 an album with the emphatic title “Get Your Ass Off”. I have to confess that I always have a joy when unexpected band reunions happen because they remind me of the eighties and the best metal ever made. The album kicks off very strong with the same track and with “Every Generation”, which is considered the hit of the album. The quality of compositions and rhythms is unexpectedly good, with summery hard rock songs that sound very pleasant. In fact, there are no keys to the “new” autograph, which adds a special dynamic to their compositions compared to those that were more radio-oriented in the 1980s and much lighter. The entire album’s level is very satisfying powered with the super guitarist and driving force of the band Steve Lynch (there’s something going with the Lynches) and the crystal clear and melodic vocals of the ex-jailhouse Daniels. The album also contains a very good live performance of the classic “Turn up the radio”. Nice Californian style hard rock to recall the summer that is over.