Here’s what Tobias Sammet posted in the official Avantasia Facebook page:
“Hey folks, quite busy these days. New album in the pipeline, the slave drivers in my record company have kept me talking for months, something like 400 interviews, where’s Amnesty International when you REALLY need them?! Anyway, video’s shot, most interviews done, and early March, we’ll set off on the »Ghostlights« world tour. As you know, Madrid and Hamburg are sold out, also the second Madrid show is on its way. More dates like London, Moscow and Sao Paulo as well. Have I told you that you rock big time? And you know what? We have just been confirmed to headline Tuska Open Air in Finland… Which means there’ll be a second show in Scandinavia this time. And there’ll also be some more American dates to be announced soon! Check out the tour section at to get info and tickets… Anyway, as if that all wasn’t enough we’ve been asked by our record label if we’d be willing to take part in the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest. My mother’s gonna be proud. Or not. We’ll see… Anyway, it seemed like a quite unusual idea to compete with anyone in music, to play music AGAINST someone… like in Jazz music! “Everyone against everyone,” as my Avantasia pal Ronnie Atkins has put it (after watching a Free Jazz show in Bremen…).
However: WHO AM I to get in the way of a great promotional opportunity?! Three minutes to show millions that something like us exists? GIMME THAT STAGE!