Avian – From The Depths Of Time (special edition)

I haven’t hidden the fact that I was touched when I received this c.d. It was the first c.d. I received for review, for Rockpages, back in October 2005!

I remember I found it really interesting and the band was showing elements which got me thinking and, as I am listening to it again, I’m sure I wasn’t overtaken because I was a rookie back then.
Since then, “Ashes And Madness” was released in 2008 and “The Path” EP, a few months ago. The band, featuring David Ellefson as a guest, and the label of course, have decided to re-release the first album, adding three bonus tracks. One from the Japanese release, one song released for the very first time and an acoustic version of “As The World Burns”. I say again, this is a really good album, yet why is this happening? Should I consider it a rip off? Do they celebrate something?
Gentlemen, five years are too early for anniversaries. Leave that behind and get back to work.