Avslut – Tyranni


It is a fact that Sweden is one of the biggest forces in the rock/metal music worldwide. Regardless the genre, this country usually doesn’t let us down. Avslut is a black metal band that is based on Stockholm and continues this tradition.

Even if they are not around for so many years, only from 2016, this is their second full-length album and there are also two EPs in their back catalogue. Usually, many releases in such short period many cause a problem with quality, but I didn’t notice something like that. After all, the musicians have experience with other bands, so it seems that they know what they are doing. The quintet plays aggressive and well-written black metal. Nine compositions are here with total running time of almost fifty minutes. The album is mostly up-tempo, with razorblade guitars, vocals full of choler and devastating drumming. There are also some mid-tempo parts that create tremendous atmosphere through some great riffs.

Unfortunately, all the titles and lyrics are in their mother language, something that makes it quite hard to remember them. A band that someone could think of being similar to their music would be their fellow citizens Dark Funeral. “Tyranni” in general is a crushing black metal album with amazing production that fans of the genre should check out.