This is the third live recorded release by the German guitarist and his band. The case of Axel Rudi Pell reminds me a lot of Running Wild. Their first releases were admirable, till they started to repeat themselves and every release after that was becoming less and less interesting.

We have a good “quantity” of the first Pell albums in this (double) c.d., however, I have also spotted many weaknesses. All those medleys, featuring cover “shots” and famous guitar riffs, have underrated the show, in my opinion. I feel bad when a concert is over and I have to leave knowing I haven’t listened to one of my beloved songs but just a part of it. This is exactly how I felt when I listened to “Live On Fire”. Gioeli is over-talkative between the songs and that gave me a bad impression; that and his constant and useless ranting.

The band’s performance is good and most of the songs are played well. I just can not decide whether the songs are enough or not, with all that medley in the way!

Regarding that live recording in “Rock The Nations Festival”, which took place in Köln on October 28, 2012, I would like to keep “Oceans Of Time” and “Carousel” as highlights (no, I’ve got every Axel Rudi Pell album!) and I’ve got point out that “Live On Fire” is being released in many interesting versions; along with a DVD, plain DVD and triple colour vinyl. It’s all good but what’s inside is a bit painful…