Monster Magnet’s new release won’t be new, but old.

Just like on their previous album “Milking The Stars: A Reimagining Of Last Patrol”, which was actually a re-working of “Last Patrol” with different versions and mixes of the songs, such is the case with “Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux” and their 2010 release “Mastermind”. According to Wyndorff the new album is a re-imagining of material from 2010’s Mastermind album as an alternative listening experience that I think stands on its own. With Cobras And Fire I wanted to present these songs in a much stranger and dirtier atmosphere. Less ‘classic rock’ and more… well, I’d guess I’d call it a deranged fusion of Garage-Psych, Fuzz Punk and Movie Soundtrack music. It’s almost completely re-recorded (with the bulk of the guitar and bass playing by co-producer Phil Caivano) and as in Milking The Stars I’ve added organ, piano, sitars and more to flesh out a completely new sound for these tunes. There’s also a Hawkwind/Pink Fairies inspired cover version of The Temptations 1969 classic ‘Ball Of Confusion’ with background vocals by Monster Magnet co-founder and Rib Eye Bros. frontman Tim Cronin. Plus an 8 minute, tripped out sonic adventure entitled ‘I Live Behind The Paradise Machine’ specially created by mixer extraordinaire Evil Joe Barresi. Joe is at his best here, seamlessly integrating elements from several Magnet songs into a new, stand alone composition. All in all I call this the weirdest Monster Magnet yet, and that’s a good thing! I hope you like it! Rock on!”

The album is out on October 9th through Napalm Records and you can listen to one song if you click here.