Backyard Babies – Four By Four


When you are about to listen to an album that is the first for a band that was on a “break” for five years to say that you are curious to check out what they have been up to is an understatement. Would this be better than their previous release that made them call it quits, even for a while? Could you compare it with their best? Is it going to be indifferent?

On “Four By Four” the Swedes’ decision to unplug their guitars in 2009 seems totally right since the album is fresh and energetic, two elements that their self-titled record from 2008 was lacking. Of course, this isn’t their new “Total 13”, or “Stockholm Syndrome”, but it’s certainly chracteristic of Backyard Babies career that soon will celebrate its 30th(!) anniversary. There are a bunch of highlights on songs that stay in your brain after you finish listening like the killer first three: Th1rt3en Οr Νothing”, “I’m On My Way To Save Your Rock’n’roll”, “White District Light”, as well as “Never Finish Anything”, “Wasted Years” and “Walls”, the longest song in the bands history that clocks in at 7 minutes 18 seconds.

On an album that’s barely 40 minutes long Backyard Babies are balanced, they step and release the gas at ease, sneak peek at their past, show their more mature face and bring back the enthusiasm to their fans that were waiting eagerly for a long time.