We’ve missed the live shows and the truth is that it will take a while before we resume…normal duties when it comes down to the overall interaction in live environment. But we will get there. When it was first announced that three of the most prolific, up and coming Greek outfits would hit the stage of the Temple Club on the 3rd of December, it was exactly what we needed to get our rocks off. On a personal note, the main reason of buying the ticket was Bad Habits due to the sheer fact that it is the best thing that happened to the rock scene of Greece in the last ten years.

Bad Habits

The power trio of The Crashes was the opening act and the people were making slowly yet steadily their entrance to the club. I gotta admit that I didn’t know the band but in their 40-minute set, the guys were amazing. Profoundly based in the blues sound with a dark mood, The Crashes put on a highly professional, old school rock n’ roll show. The three musicians were really great but I must say that the drummer (Panos) was sensational behind the drums playing his heart out. All in all, a great opening act and we will keep an eye on them, for sure…

I knew Oceandvst and I was eagerly waiting their performance as they have a unique show and a charismatic frontwoman. Unfortunately some technical issues with the pre-recorded parts forced the band to play just 4 songs (mind you, without bass). Nevertheless, the fans supported the trio as whatever they lacked in sound they compensated –in ample quantity and quality- with high voltage energy! Their alternative meets post punk rock n’ roll musical ID fitted like a glove and the only certain thing is that Oceandvst is here to stay…at least, we hope so!

The time has come for the main act of the evening; the mighty Bad Habits! Right from the opening chords. It was plain to see that the band would take everyone by storm without any intention of leaving prisoners during their set! They are young and on fire, their songs are flawless and they possess something that really miss from the vast majority of the bands out there: the right attitude!

Bad Habits proved once again that if they continue with the same work ethic, the future belongs to them and sky is the limit. Needless to say that all hell broke loose during “Hell To Pay”, “Let It Roll”, “Nothing To Lose” and “Not My Call” as their glam hard rock meets punk style (with a clear pop touch) wins you over…instantly! If I had to point down just a tiny negative aspect of the show that would be the song order of the set list…but again, that’s a minor thing. Congrats to the guys and we will follow closely their next steps…this is pure rock n’ roll!!!

PS1: Hopefully Bad Habits will release on physical format an EP or something for all of us, the old guard!

PS2: Loved their New York Dolls’ style t’shirt that they had on the merch booth.

Sakis Nikas