Last Sunday we were invited at Soundflkes Studios in order to take the first taste of the upcoming debut album by Badd Kharma called “On Fire”, The album will hit the stores in a couple of months in the format of jewel case CD and limited edition double vinyl LP while the official release party will be held on the 21st of March at the Crow Club.


For those out there who are not familiar with the Badd Kharma name let’s just say that this is a band comprised of skilled and seasoned musicians –Manolis Tsigos, George Papazoglou, Nikos Syrakos, Dimitris Martinis, Tasos Ioannidis and Greg Garelis- and they revolve around the 80s hard n’ heavy style something very pleasant for this editor.

Without givin’ out many details, let’s just say that all the fans of Whitesnake, Dio and Riot will be thrilled with “On Fire” while the new generation the Swedish melodic scene (Eclipse, Crazy Lixx etc.) should definitely keep an eye on them. While a detailed review will be available on Rockpages a couple of weeks before the album release, let’s underline for the time being the extraordinary performance of Nikos Syrakos on “L.E.A.”, a wonderful ballad reminiscent of the 80s Greek legendary band Spitfire. Jot down the titles of “Devil In You”, “Rise Or Fall” and of course the well-known first single “Never Surrender”.

The rest of the best details will be available in the coming months. Until then, congrats on the lads and let’s hope that we won’t have to wait long for the sophomore effort. Sincere thanks for the invitation and hospitality of Badd Kharma and Soundflakes Studios.

Sakis Nikas