Baest Necro Sapiens

Baest do not want to rest so much and are already releasing their third full-length album in their short career so far, after “Danse Macabre” (2018) and “Venenum” (2019). The Danish death metallers, managed from the beginning to make their name known to the fans of this sound, having of course as an ally a leading label in the scene. It is also noteworthy that the quintet has not changed a single member since 2015 when they started until now.

So, what do we listen to in “Necro Sapiens”? Classic, old-school death metal. The influences of the band were obvious from the beginning and are located mainly on the European continent. Closer to Sweden, but there is also a connection with England. Of course, the American scene is added to the equation, but not so much as the rest.

Baest play mainly at mid-tempo, with the guitars pounding non-stop and reminding of early Bloodbath. The groove they use has something from the devastating vibe of Bolt Thrower, while some guitar leads are obviously inspired by Morbid Angel. Also, a great asset is the delightfully brutal voice of Simon Olsen, which could make Mikael Åkerfeldt proud (if he still screamed like that).

Of course, Baest is not a copy of the above bands. Especially in their third album now it seems that they have their own sound and it serves them very well. The production is also to the point. Not plastic. Not polished. It sounds old-school but not like so many retards who make their albums sounding like a dusty old cassette. It has the old-school “dirt” and the result sounds as brutal as it needs to be.

In conclusion, the Danes in “Necro Sapiens” do what I personally think every new band that plays old-fashioned music should do. Influences and not rip-offs, modern production but not plastic, old-school approach but not the usual bullshit for the informal competition to who is “truer” out there. A very good death metal album that the fans of the sound should listen to.