Band Of Spice – Economic Dancers


This is the return of Spice, who we got to know pretty well from Spiritual Beggars which he left in 2003, with the new album of Band Of Spice, five years after the first one.

Technically, Band Of Spice is his solo band, whose name he changes every now and then. The album is superb… the melancholic atmosphere on most of the songs might seem strange, but it’s magical and evocative. According to the man himself the album was inspired from the late ‘70s that he was listening regularly lately (maybe he could have avoided using “lately”).

Great melodies, wonderful keyboards that really make the difference, swaggery guitars and his trademark grainy filthy vocals make an album which is 100% true and honest that a lot would be jealous of.

It would be really interesting to find out what Spice was listening when he was writing this songs. My suspicions turn towards MC5, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Sonic Rendez Vous and the lot, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something more contemporary there, like the Hellacopters for example, but if we don’t ask him we’ll never know!