I missed the concerts of Judas Priest and Machine Head for reasons I do not even want to think about. However, I had the chance to attend some really good shows like Accept, Paradise Lost, Beth Hart, Sisters Of Mercy etc all of which were performances which I knew what to expect. For this reason I consider the Barb Wire Dolls’s performance in Athens as the best that I have seen on Greek soil for the year 2015.

It is a band that I have recently come across and I have to admit that I was quite impressed by many things whilst searching and browsing for them; things that we will have a closer look at in another Rockpages.gr article. It goes without saying that

I immediately logged in the concert date for Athens in my agenda (marking it as “SOS”) as soon as it was announced.


The first in line at Death Disco (a very good venue with a 100-200 people capacity) were Narcosis who is an alternative stoner band with many influences by Nirvana. They played a half- an- hour set which was quite decent, but nothing too spectacular. In the meantime, and for another thirty minutes Sun, Rainin Life resembled the genre of the first band, while I also picked up some Smashing Pumpkins’ elements. In any case, both support bands moved within the mid-90’s sound and expressed the philosophy and characteristics that have been ‘dead’ for twenty years now. Both bands, though, proved to be good musicians with interesting ideas.


We were speechless for real once we saw those Cretans who are based in Los Angeles. I expected them to be good, but what I saw surpassed my expectations by far. It had been a long time since I felt that kind of energy. I cannot remember which band it was… I think I had paid for the ticket in drachmas then! I got this feeling that I was watching a punk rock band at “100 Club” in London thirty years back. But, no… today I was watching and listening to a brand new and fresh band from my country. The central character on stage was no other but Isis Queen, the singer of Barb Wire Dolls as well as an amazing front woman. Throughout the band’s performance, this beautiful wild “animal’ not only did she ‘demolished’ the stage, but she also got off stage, grabbed people by the hair, the neck, the head and sang to every single one of them creating a very personal moment. I can count a four digit number of concerts I have been to, yet I had never witnessed such a thing before. The ultimate moment of this eighty-minute show were “Revolution” and “Desert Song” which also concluded the concert.


Apart from the almighty Isis, the other three members of the band gave one of the best live performances that I have ever seen. I wish the best for these young musicians and I hope that they will soon come back because we need them!

Dimitris Kazantzis

Setlist: Heart Attack, Darby Crash, Desperate, Surreal, Hole Of Isolation, Blind To Your Miser, Take Me Home, Drown, Contract, Back In The USSA, Rub My Mind, I Will Sail, Devil’s Full Moon, Your Escape, Revolution, Make Riot Not War (We Are Champions), Hole In My Life, Walking Dead, Desert Song