Barb Wire Dolls – Rub My Mind


I will never get tired of feeling proud and saying the best things about these guys. Those of you out there who know their history and how they managed to tour all over the globe while only a while ago were at the very bottom, can understand what I am talking about. Barb Wire Dolls fly the Greek flag high and with more pride than many other bands of our country. “Rub My Mind” is their fourth album and the second under the Motorhead Music Label that has definitely seen potential in the outfit.

The higher demands of the band is probably the reason why Barb Wire Dolls are presenting a more diverse punk sound this time around. The overall polished production and the more mid-tempo songs doesn’t take anything away from their edge and actually they uplift even more the quality level of the compositions themselves. But the question did they manage to overdo themselves with “Rud My Mind”? The answer is probably yes! From the…adventurous “Desert Song”, the ultra melodic “Gold”, up to the sensational ballad “Fade Away” and the rest of the tracks, “Rud My Mind” shines with a glow!

Despite the good final result of the album, I urge you to take notice of Barb Wire Dolls because they really deserve it especially given the fact that they remain virtually unknown in their own country. It comes a time when good music and the tireless effort bring the fruits to the basket.

Many congratulations to Barb Wire Dolls and I can’t wait to see them once again live on stage.