Bare Infinity – The Butterfly Raiser


Bare Infinity it’s a band which plays Symphonic Power Metal, and “Butterfly Raiser” is their second album. First of all, what I thought without hearing them was that it’s a northern European or Italian band along the lines of Within Temptation and Nightwish: female vocals, very well-crafted production with many melodies and instruments that refer to Celtic and Nordic melodies and a great cover. So, I was very surprised to see that they are from Athens Greece with an Italian singer and they have 12 years of experience on their back.

“Butterfly raiser” is a very professional album, with very strong compositions that refer to Nightwish and the voice of Elena has really nothing to envy from the very characteristic voices of the genre. The songs that I have distinguished are “The Butterfly Raiser”, “Artemis” and “Sands Of Time” with the bouzouki. Personally, I’m not a fan of this genre and the heavy metal female role models I have in my mind are Lita Ford and Rock Goddess (devilish women), but I was impressed by the very professional approach and high standards that Bare Infinity has in that album. I think very soon we will hear more about them.