Motorhead are gods, and Lemmy an icon… that’s what Bastarized also believe, who in their second album “We Bring You War” manage in several points to sound like their idols. As a matter of fact they are a power trio, and the singer also plays a Rickenbacker bass. Coincidende? I don’t think so!

Filth, fury, debauchery are the three key elements in their sound. The vocals are pretty clean, while the way that their production is set their material sounds old school, a fact that actually suits the band’s sound very much. I am sure that if you listen to any track of the album you won’t get excited by its originality, but you will admire how raw and immediate it is. The compositions are catchy enough to stay long enough in your mind, and will remind of this and that.

Listening to “We Bring You War” you get the impression that Basarized is the band next door, that everybody in the neighborhood knows them –if you live at Eidsvoll, Norway-, you used to go to school together, took the same bus home, and watched in local bars. In order to raise their game and go to the next level they will need to work a lot, to be consistent and a little luck, especially nowadays when new bands pop out like pop corn. What’s positive is that their sound, along with stoner, and sludge is kind of fashionable these days, so they might achieve something… we wish them well!