Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal of Metal Assault recently conducted an interview with vocalist Noora Louhimo of Finnish metallers BATTLE BEAST.
Metal Assault: I guess the main change you have this time is that your main songwriter and guitar player Anton Kabanen is no longer in the band, and you got a new guitar player. Was “Bringer Of Pain” written before that change happened, or after?
Noora: “No. We actually wrote this new album with the whole band this time. That was actually part of the reason why we had to go different ways from Anton, because Anton wanted to do all the songs and make decisions on everything, and we weren’t willing to do that. We wanted this band to be involved, and have everyone write songs if they want to. We did that with this album. This was really an interesting and exciting and nice experience because we could learn so many things about each other as bandmembers and friends. Of course, it wasn’t like dancing with the roses but it was definitely something I want to experience again. [Laughs]”