Battle Ram – Long Live The Ram


Battle Ram is an Italian epic/heavy outfit that has established a name in the underground despite its relative small discography compared to the years that they have been active. To be more precise, this is their first full length album despite the fact that they’ve been around for more than a decade. An EP in 2009 has preceded “Long Live The Ram” and now they return with a vengeance…and trust me: it was worth the wait!

With an attitude and an overall atmosphere that openly points to the sound of the early and mid 80s and with a respectable production (something of a rarity or luxury in similar bands of the genre), Battle Ram proves that they have not only come up with a bunch of well-crafted tunes but also that they possess the necessary capability and musicianship to present in a satisfactory way the songs. “Long Live The Ram” is an epic gem and of course don’t expect to listen nothing less than “in your face”, raw heavy metal! “I Am HM”, “The Stone” and the cover version of “In The Fallout” (Fifth Angel) are some of the most remarkable moments on the album while we must underline that the finishing touch on “Long Live The Ram” is a great demo version of “Dark Command” which was actually recorded in 2001.

Long Live The Italian Underground…Long Live The (Battle) Ram!

Highlight: Battle Ram’s guitarist is none other than Gianluca Silvi of the Doomsword fame.