Athenian band Battleroar doesn’t release albums in a frequent manner but when it does, the world of epic metal tunes in and listens with great anticipation and devotion. 4 years have passed since the pivotal Blood of Legends, the first album featuring G.P.Mutz (Sacred Steel, Dawn of Winter) on vocals, an album that represented a new era for the band and the
audience received with enthusiasm. In Codex Epicus the band is once again called to defend its place in the epic metal scene while trying to evolve and make further steps. On the visual department the album is already a winner since the awesome cover is the best the band ever had and credit goes to Vaggelis Petikas of Revolver Design. On the musical side, the epic tune Sword of the Flame is an early and instant winner featuring a breathtaking
performance by the legend Mark Shelton of Manilla Road (Rest in Peace…). The sound is
stripped from excess elements and more dynamic and I think that it’s way more fitting for
this kind of music. There is a more solid and monolithic approach but in no way simplistic or
empty. The compositions are of the high caliber and in the usual fields marked by bands like
Manowar, Primordial, Solstice, Bathory and Manilla Road. The relentless drumming battery
as delivered by Gregory Vlachos is an added value to the whole result. Precise, meaningful
and solid.

In Codex Epicus the band seems to have found a much desired balance that in my opinion
must not be disturbed by line-up changes like it was in the past.