You have listened to The Flower Kings before, you have heard of Kaipa, you like The Tangent, basically you get excited whenever you listen to 70’s Prog and you love it how its sweet motif gets along with your feelings and senses. Swedish masters Beardfish are the very extension of the above mentioned phrase and the solid proof that there is no way such unique music will ever stop being made by equally unique people.
Their sixth album is the typical musical garden we want to have when it comes to such releases. Seven tracks in total, three of them over eight minutes, one of them over fifteen (!!!) minutes long… Don’t you think that the picture above is perfectly attached with your irrational demands?

Hammond organ sounds the exact way you dreamed it would, tempos and rhythms vary and change from time to time, the voice is almost musical-istic and at some point you’ll get the impression you listen to something like “Jesus Christ Superstar” suffering from yellow fever!

As you can understand, the band is playing a whole bunch of stuff. They flirt with Pop music, with Rock music, they relax and then they stretch, they take a 3/4 rhythm and turn it upside down, change the balance and introduce the new thing. Surreal but nice (naturally I’m copying movie lines, what did you expect?)!

The Scandinavians celebrate ten years of existence this year and six albums within a decade is actually a splendid harvest. Especially when these albums sound so pleasant. It simply is the majesty of good musicians and even better compositions…