Beast In Black – From Hell With Love


This is the second album for Beast In Black where the band really gears up after their very good debut “Berserker” and delivers an even better.

The melodies are so catchy and the songs really get stuck in your head and make you listen to the album again and again. The orientation is ear friendly metal with lots of keyboards and samples that sometimes overlap the guitars. But, that doesn’t really matter because that’s what the style of the band dictates and its unique identity as developed by the maestro Kabanen. It would have been very easy for those melodies and songs to turn into cheesy, tacky and clichéd tunes, but that’s where their creator’s genius comes in with his crucial arrangements, bridges and changes created the ultimate crossover between disco and metal, pop and hard rock. Some try to imitate or even steal it, but that’s impossible.

Of course, we shouldn’t leave out Yiannis Papadopoulos amazing performance who sings like the absolute metal frontman with grain and screams that go to 11! The special edition includes two covers of Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out” and Motorhead’s “Killed By Death”. I’d prefer something more predictable than the first one. What about a totally disco song turned into metal, Anton?

We shouldn’t also forget that there was a “war” in social media, in Greece of course, whether if this is metal or not, and if you are a pussy because you like Beast In Black. This clearly shows that there is a lot of people out there who cannot appreciate music and are more concerned about tags and the fake image of themselves they want to present to others, instead of their true self. This is bullshit! Enjoy the album if you like it and support the band without caring what others and especially the “Facebook poluce” may think.