Beggars – The Day I lost My Head


I was fortunate enough to be among the few chosen ones to see Beggars (Beggar’s Blues Diary at the time) back in the controversial Rockwave festival of 2014. Burning hard rock, especially under the hot sun of Malakasa (!) by an Athenian trio in which I had not invested much time. We met again with the very good “Devil’s Highway” which was distributed with Metal Hammer’s April 2015 issue. Being assigned with the review of their new, 5th album, made me very happy because I wanted to hear the evolution of the band after 3 years, and with a new member on the drums …

The trio of Giannis, Chili, and Peter are hitting the top and they are releasing a fascinating album with no fillers. No fillers!

Two dynamites are at the beginning of the album. The “Book of Days” and “The Day I Lost My Head” are heavy, catchy, pure rock’n’roll. You immediately notice that the production is excellent (clear and crooked at the same time) and that the vocals are terrific. Compositions follow classic rock forms, the riffs are razorblades and the rhythm section demolishes buildings. I got really worried, since many times an album starts with the best of signs and ends up being a nice release with just 2-3 great tracks. This does NOT apply to “The day I lost my head”.

Following is the masterly placed, guitar instrumental “Intersolar Traveler”, and then my favorite “Game” with the bass shooting from the beginning, and the track evolving into a brawl (!) anthem. “Medusa,” reminiscent of Greece, is psychedelic, influenced by VIC, and splits the album in the middle.

You’ll love the “Fuck you” of “Blind” (what a riff again …), and with “You break me, you shake me” I can easily imagine Salma Hayek at the Titty Twister, doing an extra dance just before the scene with the rattlesnake (“From Dusk to Dawn”).

The “Chief Commander 1945-2015” refers to the god Lemmy, a steamy homage to this huge rock’n’roll personality.

Finale with the most progressive – blues moment of the album. “Genesis” is a ballad-like composition that requires a lot of listening and will overwhelm you with its thrilling three-minute solo.

Until further notice, the best heavy rock album of 2018.