BEST OF 2018 VOL.1


 Αφού λοιπόν χορτάσατε λίστες με καλύτερα και χειρότερα της χρονιάς που μας πέρασε ορίστε και τα δικά μας! Αυτό είναι το πρώτο μέρος με το “συμβατικό” top 10 των συντακτών με τα 10 καλύτερα της χρονιάς που πέρασε, αλλά και το ένα outisder που δεν μπήκε στη λίστα στο… 90! Επίσης, δεν θα μπορούσε να λείπει και το χειρότερο!



       Κώστας Βουλγαρέλης         Γιάννης Δόλας       Δημήτρης Καζαντζής
1. The Steams – Wild Ferment Judas Priest – Firepower Judas Priest – Firepower
2. Black Moth – Anatomical Venus Bullet – Dust To Gold Michael Schenker Fest – Resurrection
3. Beggars – The Day I Lost My Head Hank Von Hell – Egomania Bullet For My Valentine – Gravity
4. The Sword – Used Future Nashville Pussy – Pleased To Eat You Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog
5. Naxatras – IΙΙ Haunt – Burst Into Flame Uriah Heep – Living The Dream
6. Ragenheart – The Last King RiotV – Armor Of Light Amaranthe – Helix
7. Ghost – Prequelle Striker – Play To Win Northward – Northward
8. Arcadian Child – Superfonica Skull Fist – Way Of The Road Machine Head – Catharsis
9. Lucifer – ΙΙ Monument – Hellhound Ghost – Prequelle
10. Messa – Feast For Water

Five Finger Death Punch –

And Justice For None

Amorphis – Queen Of Time


           Μαρίζα Crash      Κώστας Κουναδίνης               Σάκης Νίκας

1. Odyssey Desperado – Don’t Miss

The Sunset

Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes Judas Priest – Firepower
2. Treat – Tunguska Fifth Angel – The Third Secret

The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes

The World Ain’t Enough

3. Rain Or Shine – Seize The Night Judas Priest – Firepower Steve Perry – Traces
4. Gioeli-Castronovo – Set The World On Fire Satan – Cruel Magic Ghost – Prequelle

5. Hardcore Superstar –

You Can’t Kill My Rock ‘N Roll

Witherfall – Prelude to Sorrow Alice in Chains – Rainier Fog
6. Sacral Rage – Beyond Celestial Echoes Visigoth – Conqueror’s Oath Michael Schenker Fest – Resurrection
7. Creye-Creye Heir Apparent – The View From Below U.D.O. – Steelfactory

8. Midnite City –

There Goes The Neighbourhood

Primal Fear – Apocalypse Axel Rudi Pell – Knight’s Call
9. Stryper – God Damn Evil Creye – Creye Dee Snider – For The Love Of Metal
10. Dynazty – Firesign Leather – II Crystal Viper – At The Edge Of Time


             Γιώργος Τερζάκης            Ρωμανός Τερζής
1. Harakiri For The Sky – Arson Alice in Chains – Rainier Fog
2. Aeonian Sorrow – Into The Eternity A Moment We Are Judas Priest – Firepower
3. Decembre Noir – Autumn Kings Ghost – Prequelle
4. Full House Brew Crew – Me Against You Behemoth – I Loved You at Your Darkest
5. Poem – Unique Monster Magnet – Mindfucker
6. Ghost – Prequelle A Perfect Circle – Eat the Elephant
7. At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself Dead Can Dance – Dionysus
8. Oceans Of Slumber – The Banished Heart Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – Living the Dream
9. Into Eternity – The Sirens Daron Malakian and Scars on Broadway – Dictator
10. Bloodbath – The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn Black Label Society – Grimmest Hits



Alastor – Slave to the grave (Κώστας Βουλγαρέλης)

Black Queen – Infinite Games (Ρωμανός Τερζής)

The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down (Μαρίζα Crash)
Lovebites – Clockwork Immortality (Γιώργος Τερζάκης)
Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough (Κώστας Κουναδίνης)
Parkway Drive – Reverence (Γιάννης Δόλας)
Stone Temple Pilots – “Stone Temple Pilots” (Σάκης Νίκας)
U.D.O. – Steelfactory (Δημήτρης Καζαντζής)



Anguish Force – Chapter 7 (Γιώργος Τερζάκης)
Grave Digger – The Living Dead (Κώστας Κουναδίνης)
Kamelot – The Shadow Theory (Δημήτρης Καζαντζής, Ρωμανός Τερζής)
Lizzy Borden – “My Midnight Things” (Σάκης Νίκας)
W.A.S.P.- Reidolized Idol (Μαρίζα Crash)