Beyond The Black – Beyond The Black


Things are often simpler than we imagine and think about them. One thing that concerns all the musicians in the world is how to write a very good record that will move people. So what do they have to do? To bring their talent (a prerequisite) forward after first evaluating it, thinking of the preferences of the audience and finally recording it based on how the songs should be heard in order to receive the audience’s love, in a few words, how they will produce it. Ah! And don’t try to get into procedures that are beyond their league.

This is exactly what Beyond The Black did with their self-titled album, nothing more, nothing less. “Earthy” music, fresh, aggressive but melodic at the same time, good musicians with a very good singer, no showing off of techniques, or other attributes, but above all: focusing their attention on riffs and choruses which are the quintessence, at least of the idiom they follow. All of the above are more than enough, so that the final product is more attractive and also, the best that the Germans have presented in their less than ten year career with this album being their fifth.

No need to pick any of the tracks on the album, except for the excellent “Is There Anybody Out There?” that opens the album and is absolutely indicative of what is to come.

Beyond The Black are an outstanding and promising band in contemporary mainstream metal and this self-titled effort proves it in every way.