Every single release from AOR Heaven that fells in my hands for a review, it’s almost by definition certain that it would be something qualitative and remarkable. Some of them might not be included into…the Melodic Pantheon of the Greatest releases of all time, but that’s the rule in every genre, isn’t it? But, for starters we seek to find those albums that bear hopeful elements for something really good and promising for the future…unfortunately, we don’t find it with this project by Newman and Thompson-Smith as it clearly misses the target and proves to be below par.
All in all, it is an album with weak compositions that simply comprise an overall mediocre and uninspired album that doesn’t leave any chance for a separate or noteworthy reference. “Big Life” is an album that is not forwarded even to those die hard melodic rock fans…not even to all of those out there who want to have the b’ sides of…let’s say, Grand Illusion.
Highlight: “Big Life”…an unappreciated album by the supreme Night Ranger.


Big Life