Black Mirrors – Funky Queen


Support to the experienced Horisont, first release ever (!) EP “Funky Queen” debut for Napalm and video for the title track. All this in 2017! Something is happening here and it’s good!

Black Mirrors are from Belgium, they play garage – blues rock with stoner influences and listening to their EP took me by storm. The title track that opens could easily be included in another explosive debut, that of Band of Skulls – “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey”, seductive and catchy as it is! Fast acceleration with the cover of MC5, “Kick out the jams” and right after comes the stoner “The Mess”. One would say that these guys listened to VIC and combined them with White Stripes. Things get really serious with “Conard Vengeur Masque”, where their composing talent and Marcella’s vocals are highlighted. Slow rhythm with soul vocals and dynamic chorus in the EP’s most trippy and also best song!

As you understand the Belgians are here to stay and all I have to ask is not to hurry to write their first album and do it with the same confidence as here! Invest your time and money without fear!