Black Soul Horde: release the lyric video for “Stone Giants”


The Athenian heavy metallers Black Soul Horde just released their new lyric video for the song “Stone Giants”.

“Stone Giants” is the opening song of Black Soul Horde’s new album, entitled “Land of Demise” which was released on November 13, 2020, by the band itself.

The band’s statement follows: “Stone Giants came at a time when we were creatively blocked and so we had to travel to the enchanting area of ​​Meteora to rejuvenate our images and get inspired. At the sight of the huge rocks, the idea came to us that they were dead stone giants and thus the story of this song was born. The lyrics touch on issues that concern us, such as prejudice, human arrogance and the meaning of divine judgment, always of course through the special epic prism that we adore! ”

Giannis Tsiakopoulos, the guitarist of the band, produced the album, the artwork was created by Giannis Nakos / Remedy Art Design, while the video is designed by Daphne Keskinidou and animated by Giannis Psychos.

“Land of Demise” is expected to be released in vinyl format, in 2021.