Black Soul Horde releases new acoustic EP and new video


Athenian heavy metallers Black Soul Horde have just release their brand new 2-track EP, titled “A Lonely Road”. The two songs consisting the new release are acoustic re-issues of songs from their latest full-length album, titled “Land of Demise”. The song “The Frail and the Weak” comes with an exciting and trippy visual-experience video, and also features Katerina Garofallidi (vocals) and Johnny Thermos (The Silent Wedding, piano).

Watch it here:

“A Lonely Road” EP is now available for streaming on all digital platforms:

Black Soul Horde’s latest full-length album, titled “Land of Demise” was released on November 13, 2020, and has met with great success and praising reviews from the worldwide music press, while it was also included in lists with the best albums of 2020, on several music media outlets.

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“Land of Demise” is now available for streaming on all digital platforms:

“Land of Demise” was released in a limited 200 hand-numbered copies CD format, that has almost sold out, while the vinyl release is scheduled for March 2021.

Purchase “Land of Demise” here:

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