I wasn’t expecting it that good… and I imagine that neither did the Lizzy fans, and of course all those opposed to the idea of the band going on without Lynott – as a matter of fact those might not admit it…ever!

According to my notes Damon Johnson aided by Scott Gorham and Marco Mendoza wrote the music and Ricky Warwick came up with the lyrics for Black Star Riders debut, which of course sounds 100% like Thin Lizzy. The twin guitar, the melodies, the solos, the way Warwick signs and the lines he throws on the songs bring the legendary Irish band in mind in almost every note of the album, something that I think is natural and reasonable. Whether is right, or wrong doesn’t really matter. In the band there is one from the legendary Lizzy, even if he is American and wasn’t there when the band was formed, that’s Gorham, someone who came on board later, Wharton, and someone who played their music since 1999, Mendoza. No matter what Lynott’s songs and spirit flow in those guys veins and the same applies to Warwick who is Irish, and that’s… an obligation for him!

Those who stand out are “Bound For Glory” that sticks with you on the spot, “Kingdom Of The Lost” for its Celtic intro and melody, “Kissing The Ground” because it doesn’t sound so Lizzy, “Hoodoo Voodoo” that reminded me of “Shalala” and “Valley Of The Stones” because it’s just great!