Black Star Riders – The Killer Instinct


This is one of the cases that the title of an album perfectly reflects its style and quality. Black Star Riders confirm with their second release, that a new era has started for them since they left the name “Thin Lizzy” aside.

Surely, the band maintains its previous profile to a great extent. Thin Lizzy are and will always be a key source of inspiration and sound for the band and this is evident clearly by the musicians themselves, not only with their songs but with their new concerts too, where about a third of their setlist is consisted of great moments of the legendary band from which only Scott Gorham is now in Black Star Riders.

The band succeeds to combine perfectly the feeling of a great glory of the past with the modern sound in this album and the final result literally “kills”.
Most of the tracks of “The Killer Instinct” are very dynamic, with beautiful riffs and the feeling of a classic hard rock band. The performance of Ricky Warwick is really amazing in songs like “The Killer Instinct”, “Soldierstown”, “Sex, Guns & Gasoline”, “Turn In Your Arms” and not only them, good melodies and guitars are in almost all the tracks of the album.
“The Killer Instinct” is absolutely a release worth purchasing. I recommend the media book edition which contains one more cd with two unreleased tracks and four of the tracks of “The Killer Instinct” in very interesting acoustic performances.