Black Stone Cherry release new video


Black Stone Cherry released a new video for the song “In Love With The Pain” from their album “The Human Condition” which is out on October 30th via Mascot Records.

This is what the band’s bassist, John Lawhon told about the song, in an interview that’s coming up soon: “John Fred (Young) and Ben (Wells) had written a song called “In Love With The Pain” in Nashville with a couple of country song writers. Then, they had that chorus. We had another song that… I am blanking on what that song was called right now… we had another song we’ve written long before that we had – that was a great song- that the chorus was a little wacky… and it just so happens that these two songs married together perfectly to create our version of “In Love With The Pain”. We completely scrapped the verses, the bridge, the music and all that to the song that John Fred and Ben had written in Nashville. The only thing we kept was the chorus. We kept the chorus and that was it, everything else got completely canned. So, we took this other old songs that we had from back in 2007? Maybe… it might have been even earlier than that, took this old song and we shoved these two together. And created that. It’s one of my favourite songs that’s on the album, I’ll be honest with you” he said.