Black Stone Cherry – Thank You


I’ve listened to the new Black Stone Cherry album “Kentucky” for some time now and I almost forgot that these guys could write really good songs, because unfortunately their recent release doesn’t contain enough of those. In contrast with this live CD/DVD which serves like a “best of” for the band at the place the are supposed to be: the stage.

The setlist grab you by the hair, or wherever else possible, with Black Stone Cherry at the top of their game driving the audience insane worshipping the four dudes from Edmonton, Kentucky. As the tour back then was supporting “Magic Mountain” there are several songs out of that the are featured here: “Me And Mary Jane”, “Holding On… To Letting Go”, “Bad Luck & Hard Love”, “Fiesta Del Fuego”, “Holywood In Kentucky”. Although some of them are not great they transform in the live environment. Those boys really rock hard giving the ecstatic crowd that packed the LG Arena in Birmingham their money’s worth. There are no stage props, or whatever visual effects, just two risers for the guitar solos and four guys beating the shit out of their instruments. The DVD’s editing is nothing sophisticated or complicated, just several angles and fast cuts.

The ultimate highlight is how “Blame It On The Boom Boom” turns into a monster jam that drives through Mississippi to end up to… “Layla”! I wish those boys can find their way in the studio as well to give us something better than “Kentucky” and “Magic Mountain”.