Black Swan – Generation Mind


Almost two years have passed since the remarkable debut by Black Swan and the supergroup consisting of McAuley/Beach/Pilson/Starr is back with its sophomore release called “Generation Mind”. I gotta say that the most striking characteristic of Black Swan is the fact that it is a real super band and not yet another project by Frontiers. This is a band that projects a crystal-clear chemistry thus the songs are absolutely inspired and essential.

Quite honestly, I didn’t expect “Generation Mind” to be better than its predecessor as the stakes were already high. But I must say in the most emphatic manner that “Generation Mind” is an even better effort as it combines the rockier elements of the debut with a more melodic or commercial approach. Just imagine something in between MSG of the 1992 era and Dokken of the “Back For The Attack” days. Robin McAuley remains a rare phenomenon as he pushes 70 and his voice is still as intact and sensational as ever. Reb Beach has come up with some of his most “in your face” guitar riffs while it would be a mishap of we didn’t point out Jeff Pilson’s contribution from a compositional standpoint but most importantly he delivered the goods behind the console thus the production is powerful (especially when it comes to Matt Starr’s drum sound).

The truth is that we need such qualitative hard rock albums…especially from seasoned musicians like the ones that make Black Swan a real band! I am fully aware of all the deficiencies of Frontiers. Black Swan is the exception to the rule.

Highlight: If only the cover sleeve would be better then we would have the ultimate package.