Black Sword Thunder Attack – March Of The Damned


Time marches on and on but finally this bunch of songs see the light of day at least in a proper, official release. Black Sword Thunder Attack (a cool name or what?) had reached a cult status in the underground metal community as their demo tape/promo CDr was absolutely mind-blowing thus one can imagine how content all the epic metal fans should be upon the announcement of the imminent release of those songs in CD and Vinyl format by No Remorse Records,

“March of the Damned” is essentially a mini album that includes 4 songs: “Don’t Hear The Sirens”, “Evil Sorcery”, “The Messenger”, “March of the Damned/Through The Fires Of Hell”. This is a sonic opus aimed towards the Lordian Guard and Warlord (circa “The Holy Empire” era) fans but also to all those who appreciate Bill Tsamis’ work and epic metal music in general. The vocal melodies are quite reminiscent of the way the late Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider (Lordian Guard) used to sing while the guitars constantly feel and embelish the structure of all the songs with flawless lyrical passages. The final result is a majestic, unearthly atmosphere throughout the duration of the mini album and although the production could have been better (it must be said that it is improved though compared to that demo stage), the sheer quality of the songs are sufficient enough to ignore this slight mishap.

I sincerely hope that these guys will carry on further with additional studio material. Peronally, I will definitely keep an eye on them and we will present every single step they make. Our word of advice: DON’T ignore them!

Highlight: Since Bill Tsamis is evidently retired, Black Sword Thunder Attack is the next best alternative option. After all, we need this style of music…