The Swedes, Black Trip, return with their second album that’s better than their debut and perhaps one of the best of 2015 so far. Having drunk the magic potions of Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, early Maiden and Blue Oyster Cult, led by Nicke Andersson’s skillful hand and of course by their own talent and ability there we have a retro album that revives the ’79-’80 era thirty six odd years later.

From their first to their second album Black Trip got their own identity, a stable lineup and great chemistry that is portrayed on their compositions. “Shadowline” sounds darker, more “down to business” and maybe more diverse than “Going Under” (2014), but the most important thing is that it contains loads of great songs that stick to your brain from the first spin like “Danger”, “Shadowline”, “Berlin Model 32”, “Clockworks”, “Die With Me”, “The Storm”. Joseph Toll’s, also known from Enforcer, performance is amazing and that’s the album’s biggest asset as well as the amazing guitar work by Peter Stranvind and Sebastian Ramstedt  that bring in mind the legendary axe duos of the ‘70s and ‘80s. The modern vintage kind of production plays its own role sending you back to magic times.

Black Trip is one of those revivalist cases that win you over and don’t put you in the process to think that you’ve heard that stuff before –of course you have!- with their quality, as well as their unique way they filtered their influences. It might seem like a cliché, but if you are skeptical about the whole “revival” thing then these guys here might make you change your mind.