As it happens with every single thing in life, there are both positive and negative aspects that comprise the whole essence of each thing. Well, technology is not an exception. Without diving into further analysis, let’s just underline that it’s beyond cool to discover groups and songs that if it wasn’t for Internet (and YouTube, in particular), there wouldn’t be any chance to get to find them. I bumped into Black Veil Brides by chance while I was watching a Motley Crue video and in the far right side of the list there was that related video called “Fallen Angels”. Well, there were more than 12 million hits for that clip in just over a month of its release (not bad at all, wouldn’t you say so…?).
“Fallen Angels” is a superb track that reminds a lot of Crashdiet and Avenged Sevenfold (in their “clear” vocals) while the clip depicts 5 musicians that owe a lot to the stylistic approach of such bands as Motley Crue (circa 1983) and W.A.S.P. (circa 1984).
Unfortunately, I cannot say good words for the rest of the album as “Fallen Angels” is an absolutely oasis in the desert of mediocrity called “Set The World On Fire”. Modern US metal (in the vein of Drowning Pool and Five Fingers Death Punch) that so many other bands are playing with far more integrity and inspiration. So…the supposed “treasure” turned out to be…anthrax!
Highlight: Black Veil Brides started as an emo band and they are quite successful in the States.