Blackfoot – Southern Native


In the spirit of Lynyrd Skynyrd that finally revamped the band recruiting Johnnie Van Zant as lead singer and following Gene Simmons’ inspiration who said that no one should be considered irreplaceable, behold the new Blackfoot!

Ricky Medlock (who recently took off the “e” from his first and last name) after a long search handpicked four new members to carry the torch of one of the South’s most notable bands. Of course, the band’s founder, ex-lead singer and guitarist wrote the album, played guitar and produced “Southern Native”. The album brings out freshness, while its sound takes us to the band’s early hard rock era and not the latter more commercial one.

The look as well the way Tim Rossi sings is surely modern while he gives his own feel to the bad ass southern songs like the self-titled, “Whiskey Train” and “Love This Town”. The ballads, or at least the slower songs seem to fit him very good like “Everyman” and “Take Me Home”, while one of the album’s best moments is the cover of “Ohio” originally by the legendary Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

In general, Medlock’s experiment is successful. Still, except “Southern Native” and “Ohio” that’s actually a cover, I don’t think any other song is memorable after a few spins. Sure, every track is well played and performed the production is awesome, but there’s something missing to satisfy the great expectations that come with the name “Blackfoot”. If “General” Medlock finds it, then the next album should really amazing. What would be great to check though –even through YouTube- is how the band plays live, especially the Blackfoot classics.

PS.: The album closes with an amazing tex-mex instrumental!