Aerosmith bassist, Tom Hamilton, made some comments about Rainbow’s recent live shows, where he said that Blackmore looked “pudgy” and sounded “flat”. Hamilton is a member of Thin Lizzy’s anniversary lineup that played both “Monsters Of Rock” shows in Germany with Rainbow a few weeks ago. Talking to his bandmate’s, Joey Kramer, radio show on WZLX he said: “Right before they went on, they booted everyone off the stage. They had to watch from the side. And then they put up this tape across the walkway, like ‘do not cross’ red-and-white striped tape. Everybody’s just kind of standing there staring at them, like , ‘Oh my God, who’s ever seen a band do that?’ But he really did not want anybody on the stage while he was playing.” He also commented on Blackmore’s looks and playing. He called him “a little pudgy”, while he found his playing flat: “He was playing lead – it sort of sounded, just like, right off the record, and not in a real passionate way. A little flat.”