The French band Blackrain is back since the 25th of March with its fifth studio album “Released”. Many fans of the glam scene did not pay much attention in the previous albums but I think is about time to change that. This hard rock sleaze quartet is turning into a very successful band, improving their music and compositions constantly. Till now they have shared the stage with bands like Europe, Papa Roach, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Steel Panther, Kissin’ Dynamite and Crash Diet. Swan Ηellion stands out from all those new unremarkable singers of the sleaze scene and that is a fact that makes him special and easy to recognize even if you don’t know the songs of the band. Anyway, it is well known that most of the sleaze bands have changed their style into more power metal. For example, Toxicrose (review coming soon) is definitely in a more power metal path although they still want to hold on to the sleaze style.

“Back In Town” and “Mind Control” are two of the songs that show a clear picture of what this album is all about. The band had as a trademark song called “Innocent Rosie” but with the new album that might change. If though you haven’t heard of any Blackrain songs then the “License to Thrill” album is a very good start. The man responsible for the production of the new album is Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, The New York Dolls and John Lennon) for a second time.

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