Blacktop Mojo – Burn The Ships


This is my first encounter with Blacktop Mojo, I have to confess! Their faces, their logo and the music they play refer to Americans from South US and Texas more precisely. Let’s find what their bio on their site says… Well, I nailed it, since they hail from Palestine, TX.

Blacktop Mojo play classic stoner rock, a genre that thrives in the Southern States of America. The band itself describes it as “heavy, grudge-inspired southern rock” music. They sound like Corrosion of Conformity in their lighter version. “Burn The Ships” is their second album recorded in Texas with a very well-polished production packing in 13 tracks. The ballad “Prodigal”, “Sweat” and their very good cover of “Dream On” are those that stand out as the best tracks of the album on the first spin. The truth is that the more you listen to “Burn The Ships” the more their grunge influences become more evident. Matt James’s vocals are characteristic raspy as they move agonizingly in their slow tempo compositions. The ultimate taste that “Burn The Ships” leaves you is satisfying and enjoyable, but I think they still have a long way to go in order to build their personal identity and to come up with better compositions.