Blackwelder Survival Of The Fittest


Blackwelder’s name might not ring any bells as this is just their debut album but most definitely the presence of Ralf Scheepers behind the mic surely is enough to raise some eyebrows and create high expectations for this international quartet. As a matter of fact, Blackwelder could be easily considered as a supergroup as in their ranks we encounter Bjorn Englen (bass) and Aquiles Priester (drums) who have played in various bands like Angra, Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot etc. What’s really astonishing and paradoxical at the same time, though, is that the star of the album is the rather unknown guitarist Andrew Azucs who has absolutely no fear of showing off his Malmsteen influence.

Just between you and me, I am sure that the addition of Ralf Scheepers in Blackwelder has given the necessary push for all of us to take a very good listen to “Survival of the Fittest”. This is pure European power metal in the vein of Primal Fear, Gamma Ray and Malmsteen. Truth be told here, it is inescapable the fact to be hearing to Scheeper’s voice and not thinking instantly of Primal Fear. Aside that, Blackwelder delivers a bunch of excellent and quite memorable songs that stick in your mind after a couple of listening sessions. Just listen to the opening track “The Night Of The Moon” and “Inner Voice” and you will reckon what I am talking about.

All the fans of the traditional power metal genre should definitely buy the debut album by Blackwelder. It’s an instant winner!

Highlight: If this is a side project or a full-blown band…this remains to be seen…