BLIND GUARDIAN: “Somewhere Far Beyond 30th Anniversary Tour”


Blind Guardian Press Release:
We’re happy to announce our „Somewhere Far Beyond“ anniversary tour 2021!
“Somewhere Far Beyond”, the ultimate monument of Blind Guardian’s first era, is approaching its 30th anniversary. On this fourth epic, the legendary German band is uniting the vehement speed metal sound of its origins with a hearty dash of Middle Earth folklore, already teasing the orchestral storm that is about to break loose – resulting in a trailblazing reference work. To commence the festivities in a manner both dignified and spectacular, Blind Guardian will embark on a special “Somewhere Far Beyond” anniversary tour in autumn 2021. For the first time in their long and lauded history, the band will play the classic album in its entirety – from “Time What Is Time” via “The Quest for Tanelorn” all the way to the staggering title track. And what’s more, this once in a lifetime tour will serve as the perfect warm-up for the next studio album, scheduled for the end of 2021. Rumour has it that this upcoming record will see Blind Guardian embrace an almost forgotten heaviness. Let the march of time begin again…