The patience of all the Blind Guardian fans has been severely tested through the years. It’s not only the big recording gap in between albums…we have all gotten used to it. Most importantly is the fact that the German bards have embraced a clear symphonic approach during their so called Nuclear Blast Years with pompous production but less substance. Add to these three just OK studio albums in the last 15 or so years and you get the picture. Long story short; the fans wanted a more straightforward, traditional approach by their favorite band and luckily for us all…the band listened and delivered as “The God Machine” is the best Guardian album in the last 20 years.

It would be wrong and overblown to state that “The God Machine” is a perfect album or that it reaches the qualitative level of Guardian’s recording masterpieces of the 90s. Not really. Nevertheless is a step forward towards the right direction and it bears the same aesthetic as those albums did as we see Guardian doing away with the entire spectrum of their symphonic sound. “The God Machine” is aggressive, straightforward, sharp and vividly reminds of the golden days of power metal. Tracks like “Secrets of the American Gods” (the best song that Blind Guaardian has written in the last 20 years), “Deliver Us From Evil” and “Violent Shadows” have already left their mark in a most emphatic manner. On the other hand, I’d be far more content if Id listened to better choruses; you know…the ones that blow your mind and Blind Guardian has had plenty of them through the years. Yes, I know…the band is on their 35th year of the illustrious career and maybe I’m asking a lot. Just saying…

All in all, Blind Guardian has returned with their best album since “A Night At The Opera”…some would even say, since the “Nightfall…” days. Details. The most important thing is that “The God Machine” is definitely one of the best albums of 2022. Thank you, guys!

Highlight: The different artistic approach on the cover is sleeve is more than welcome.